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Supported Models

OpenAIGPT3.5Python✅ Built-in
OpenAIGPT3.5Typescript✅ Built-in
OpenAIGPT4Python✅ Built-in
OpenAIGPT4Typescript✅ Built-in
OpenAIDall-E 3Python✅ Built-in
HuggingFace Inference EndpointsText GenerationPython✅ Built-in
HuggingFace Inference EndpointsText GenerationTypescript✅ Built-in
GooglePaLM 2Python✅ Built-in
GooglePaLM 2Typescript✅ Built-in
GoogleGeminiPython✅ Built-in
MetaLlama 2Python🤝 Extension
MetaLlama 2Typescript🤝 Extension
MetaLlama GuardPython🤝 Extension
HuggingFace Transformer PipelinesText GenerationPython🤝 Extension

We plan on keeping core aiconfig lightweight so it doesn't become a monolithic project. We recommend using AIConfig extensions to expand support for additional models and functionality.

Custom Models

Don't see your model supported? See the Extensibility section to learn how to add your own model parser.