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Contributing Guidelines

👋 Welcome and thank you for your interest in contributing to AIConfig!

Ways to Contribute

  1. Code Contributions: We always welcome code contributions to the library. In particular, model-parsers, extensions, and cookbooks are areas that can always use contributions.

  2. Cookbooks: Showcase innovative ways and use cases to use AIConfig in your code through a cookbook.

  3. Bugs: File a bug report when you encounter an issue and/or submit a fix for the bug.

  4. Feature Requests: Submit feature or enhancement requests to help guide our roadmap.

  5. Documentation: Contribute documentation to make it easier for others using the library.

1. Code Contributions

├─ cookbook/
├─ cli/
├─ editor/
├─ aiconfig-docs/
├─ python/
├─ typescript/
├─ extensions/
  1. Model Parsers: Model Parsers manage the connection to foundation models. By default, we provide Model Parsers for OpenAI and Google PaLM models. The Model Parsers are defined in both python and typescript.

    Instructions for contributing a Model Parser:

    1. Add a folder under aiconfig/extensions
    2. Define the requirements. For python, you'll need to set up pyproject.toml. For typescript, you'll need a package.json

      Naming convention for the extension: aiconfig-extension-NAME_OF_MODEL_PARSER

    3. Extend from ModelParser class, and implement serialize, deserialize and run functions
    4. We highly recommend adding a cookbook under aiconfig/cookbooks for a guide on using your Model Parser
    5. Submit a PR for the lastmile team to review the extension and cookbook
    6. Finally, publish your extension package on pypi and/or npm
  2. Extensions: Other than Model Parsers, there are opportunities to publish extensions that can connect aiconfig with other useful Generative AI libraries.

2. Cookbooks

Create a small app to add to our cookbook to showcase your use case or innovative idea.

Important - Each app in the cookbook must have a README. We want to ensure that developers can easily use the cookbook.

Cookbook apps can be in typescript or python. And, you can decide on whether to showcase it as a console app, ipython notebook, etc.


3. Bugs

Bug Fixing

We track bugs in Github issues with the bug label.

  • If you're a first-time contributor, a good option is to find an issue tagged good first issue
  • If you're looking to fix a few bugs (we greatly appreciate it), the issues are tagged with bug

Bug Reports

File a bug report in Github issues with the bug label. We try to triage the feature requests daily. Please include as much detail as possible in the report.

4. Feature Requests

We track feature requests in Github issues with the enhancement label. We try to triage the feature requests daily. Please include as much detail as possible in the request.

5. Documentation

We have our documentation source controlled in the aiconfig/aiconfig-docs directory. The docs are published to our LastMile AI AIConfig website. Feel free to contribute documentation fixes and improvements and the LastMile team will review.